Seeking Originality in a Distracted World. 

Everything unbiased, uncommodified, empowering. This blog is about reclaiming originality in an environment that constantly directs us to adopt prepared formulas. Exploring a meaningful, modern lifestyle while unplugging from commercialized culture and manufactured taste. 

In the Media

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The Story

Our insecurity, mindlessness and convenience are easy prey for commercial, media and societal pressures. It's more than being diverse, green, local or healthy but about staying who we are in an environment that constantly directs us to buy into prepared formulas. The idea is to observe the patterns and biases that tend to make all of our lives more similar each day and explore practical steps to reclaim originality. 


How it started. A vacation in Florida inspired this blog and a article happens to illustrate it quite well: A visualization of Human Landscapes from the Air (see image above) not only shows financially toxic assets but is also a document of widespread surrender of human imagination. As individuals we all have a choice and seem to make sensible decisions, viewed from a distance we are somehow addicted to selling out.