Seeking Originality in a Distracted World. 

Everything unbiased, uncommodified, empowering. This blog is about reclaiming originality in an environment that constantly directs us to adopt prepared formulas. Exploring a meaningful, modern lifestyle while unplugging from commercialized culture and manufactured taste. 

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A few years ago I started experimenting with a quantitative diary, collecting personal data to better understand myself and the source of my well being. My individual experiments invariably led me to the insight that doing less is almost always the solution to doing better. 

"Stuff", status or brands don't make us happier, at best they help us manage our insecurity. Commercialized thinking is so accepted in our culture that it takes an active approach to recognize, challenge and remove mindless choices that clutter our lives and minds.

On the other hand, originality, creativity and heritage is what truly enriches us and deserves our attention and protection. 

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