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Everything unbiased, uncommodified, empowering. This blog is about reclaiming originality in an environment that constantly directs us to adopt prepared formulas. Exploring a meaningful, modern lifestyle while unplugging from commercialized culture and manufactured taste. 

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Breaking out of Standard Configurations

"When you give people too much information, they instantly resort to pattern recognition to structure the experience." (Marshall McLuhan). We are overloaded with information and simplified, categorized choices are welcome to expedite decisionmaking. However, once we repeatedly practiced a given formula (and it's rewards) it's hard to leave. For example if we order a burger we are likely to ask for soda & fries because it's part of the learned and accepted configuration - even with unlimited choices we are unlikely to consider options outside the learned configuration. Once our mind accepted a pattern it will not leave easily and that's the challenge. 


Peer Pressure wins over Evidence

In the 1950s Solomon Asch, a social psychologist, conducted a series of social experiments. When asked to decide on their own, without seeing judgements from others, people never erred on simple tasks such as identifying a domestic animal on a photograph. When faced with the similar task in a group and ¾ of people went along with an (experimentally and intentionally) erroneous group judgement, people overwhelmingly ignored the evidence of their own senses when faced with peer pressure.


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