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Everything you Desire in Dubai

Dubai Mall BillboardIt's getting dark outside Dubai Mall, the biggest and most luxurious shopping center of the world sporting attractions such as a full size ice rink, record breaking fountains, the world's tallest building or an aquarium holding sharks. Visitors of all colors, cultures and religions are carrying their shopping bags, resting or having a final bite as the day comes to a close. Luxury seems to be a human right in Dubai and almost everywhere you look in the city there is some sign of glamour: the brass entrance, doormen, marble floor, swimming pools, large SUVs, deep-freezing air condition. Dubai has established itself as a beacon of opportunity in the middle east and beyond. It is the American dream on steroids: an apparently automatic lifestyle upgrade for everyone entering the country. The glitz must be even more mesmerizing for immigrants from the neighboring Asian countries, some of them being among the poorest of the world. Dubai clearly doubled down on consumerism, it transcends religion, culture or race and somehow shopping has become the meta religion here. After a long day at the mall, a certain tristesse descends on the visitors once the initial excitement has worn off. Over time, the omnipresent slogan "Everything you desire" starts to ring hollow and seems to intensify the feeling of emptiness. Here, like anywhere else, shopping malls appear to have worked as a shortcut to give the illusion of progress accross the world, the downside is that we find ourselves trapped in a distracted lifestyle of wasteful meaninglessness.

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