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When Facial Reconition works too well. 

Will Varner, SurveillanceIs that You? Identifying anyone’s identity based on a photo is surprisingly easy, it just requires a freely available software service like (Tagline: “Is That you?”). A face on a photo is being compared to millions of publicly available images on the internet (conveniently uploaded and tagged by you). In about 61% of the cases our face and names can be correctly identified within seconds. Many surveillance points in the US, Canada, also London, UK use that basic approach on a large and connected scale. In the name of public safety it tracks everyone's itineraries by connecting random surveillance footage, recognizing faces, locations, time and names. It's fairly close to a "Minority Report" scenario. You can (partially) pull the plug by deleting personal photos online or by leaving that social network with lax privacy standards alltogether.

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