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Future of Business: Meaning is the Message

Image Credit: philly.comMarshall Mcluhan's old, iconic quote "the medium is the message" may be in need for an update. Given the weakening appeal of advertising-like messaging and the inflation of communication channels it looks like the new version of McLuhan's statement would be less about where you communicate but about who you are. For example, Neil Blumenthal, CEO of the fashionable glasses manufacturer Warby Parker came from the non-profit world and decided to build a successful company that has “doing good” built into the product. For every Warby Parker customer the price of buying a pair of glasses includes a donation of glasses to someone in need. It’s more than a marketing idea but a narrative that encompasses the entire company and all stakeholders. He and his friend’s embarked on a deliberate journey of creating a company that is successful in business and has a meaningful mission. Infact, he believes that aligning the core product with a larger purpose will be the norm for business to attract high value clients and quality talent in the future. Meaning works.

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