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Objects that Last a Lifetime

Image: SonOfJordan via Flickr"We are too poor to buy cheap products" once said the grandfather of my very good friend. Many brands claim to be the best but very few seem to back it up with substantial warranties. "If you want to build the best product you must offer the best warranty" states Dense, the Danish manufacturer of audio equipment introducing their lifetime guarantee. Commitment to longevity is a refreshing contrast to disposable consumption. A real lifetime warranty, valid as long as you live (not the product design life) without asterisks or fine print shows that manufacturers truly stand by their products. On the flipside, it is equally important that we cultivate our ability to identify and appreciate quality. Let's take a moment and celebrate the manufacturers that offer these warranties - like Creuset (Kitchen), Densen (Audio), Zippo (Lighter), Osprey (Hiking), Outdoor Research (Hiking), Patagonia (Outdoor) (...) 

Reader Comments (3)

Additionally to being too poor to buy cheap products I think we are also too poor to buy unsatisfactory products. Buying things in a rush, with clothing for example not best-fitting or in electronics without prior research just leads to want to replace them after a short while...
Aug 25 | Unregistered CommenterKoin
Check out "howies" as well, organic cotton clothes from a small company in Wales. I've bought a few clothes from them, durable and super comfy :)
Nov 30 | Unregistered CommenterN.
Leatherman! I've actually used their warranty, too.
Mar 30 | Unregistered CommenterMatt

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