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Keeping Local Languages Alive

Photo by Anhtu | A Conversation in India"Killing Time" (Wiallmoot un Tietverdrief) is a collection of illustrations, observations and humorous poems about animals written in "Lower German", a local dialect of the German language. With the permission of the author I was looking to get the paperback book published on Kindle to make it digitally available to the community. After scanning, converting and uploading it to Kindle Direct Publishing I got the following response: "Thank you for your recent submission to the Amazon Kindle Store. However, please note that we are only accepting new submissions in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese at this time. As a result, we will not be publishing your title(s): "Wiallmoot un Tietverdrief". Kindle Publishing decided to focus on very few global languages. A vivid example of how commercial bias accelerates the decline of local languages e.g. from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe as well as regional or historic dialects. How? They are simply excluded from digital publishing. 

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I had never really thought about the implication of corporations on local languages before reading this post. What you explain makes complete sense though. Globalization, which has clearly been accelerated due to commercialism is causing many regions to loose bits of their identity, language included.

I can really appreciate what you are trying to accomplish on this blog; encouraging people to keep their identity. In some ways your message is much like that of my micro-business, They Syntax Rugrat, an innovation consulting practice. We believe if you have an idea or a project, creativity and being true to yourself are important in it's execution.

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