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Confirming our own Beliefs in the Information we seek

Image: Dark KnightConfirmation Bias is a way of reinforcing our beliefs in the information we seek, it is a human tendency to favor information that confirms our preconceptions. The consequence is that we end up in a bubble that only contains information we want to hear. Powerful people such as Emperors, Statesmen or CEOs are subject to information bias because subordinates are afraid of delivering bad news, resulting in reality detachment and bad decisions. Today, information is a product and we, the customers are "king": American TV viewers can choose news tailored to their political flavor, reinforcing policital views instead of introducing discourse. Internet destinations such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, LastFM, Facebook etc. use algorythms to personalize content according to profile information and will suggest more of the same based on the little they know about us, an effect named "Filter Bubble" by @elipariser. Although it may be labeled as "freedom of choice" personalization is really a form of tailored monoculture. In ancient times it was left to the Harlekins (Jokers) to show emperors the mirror. Today, it's on ourselves to burst our bubble and keep on challenging assumptions. 

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