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Why makes us Distracted?

Artist: Drazenka KimpelThere are a few recurring temtations in our daily routine that - if we don't pay attention - have the power to gradually drift us into the formulated life. Let's be mindful of our daily decisionmaking and challenge the traps. 

"Too many people choose not to choose, by default allowing decisions to be made for them. They go through life trying to avoid risk, and that often means avoiding decisions" (from 'avoid decisions, avoid life'by Jeff Stibel). Mindless decision-making makes us more likely to accept the recommended "default" option which is generally not designed to your interest. If you sign-up online the "newsletter" option is usually pre-checked, a fast-food meal ususally defaults on cheap and unhealthy soda and fries, the telephone company will pre-select high roaming charges for you, not to mention insurance, rental or loan forms, also many waiters living on tips like to recommend the most expensive "speclals". Make "None of the above" your new default. Take matters into your own hands, pay attention, be curious.

Almost every single choice during the day can be framed as a vote of activation vs. passiveness. Seeking inspiration, exploration, participation and creativity in every single decision is key. The decision to watch TV for instance is not only immobilizing all our senses but also puts us on the receiving end of messages we can't influence. The alternative is to look for choices that activate: learning, exploring, expression, participation or creativity - even if it's just by cooking a meal. 

Humans quickly trade essentials in exchange for a little more convenience, e.g. we are quick to turn to the nearest fast food restaurant close to the road or the depressing hotel chain closest to the meeting location. Convenience is a powerful bait capable of gradually dragging us into the matrix: a formulated lifestyle. Stay curious and keep exploring. 

Particularly from a position of social insecurity we are vulnerable for the high-status choices. Individuals are willing to compensate perceived shortcomings at almost any cost and often at the expense of their own long-term viability. The cost of our inferiority complex is the incremental price we pay for the "premium" brand appealing to our vanity. Refusing to buy into this logic is also a first step to build your own personal style. Just Be Confident. 

Consistently chasing the best deal will inevitably surround us with cheap and mass-produced stuff, probably too much of it. By definition, manufacturers and providers of the low cost products cannot have local or sustainable business practices. Unchaining yourself is not compatible with bargain hunting. Let's not be cheap and pay the price for what's good for us and our (urban) environment. 

Peer Pressure
Peer pressure can easily direct us away from what we know as being true or right. It is scientifically proven that people overwhelmingly defy evidence of their own senses when faced with peer pressure (see separate post). Many decisions are being taken to "go with the flow". Follow your instincts, not the masses.  

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