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Travel your own Neighborhood

(contributed by DeCuire) Beyond the major metropolis, more and more cities have become melting pots for different people, cultures, lifestyles. We can experience aspects of diverse cultures without the need to travel remote places. All it takes is some courage and fantasy. I live in Munich and lately I have discovered a Japanese hairdresser Takahiro who has been living in Sapporo and Tokyo before. When I enter his shop it feels like being in a very different place, there are Japanese fashion magazines with totally different products, Japanese jazz music and an excellent collection of tea is served to customers, 90% of them Asian. While getting my hair done we have interesting conversations about our cultures and he has a different way of cutting hair than I was used to from the local hairdressers. It was a nice and perfect experience that truly widened my horizon. Walk through your neigborhood like a traveler, with your eyes open, look beyond the restaurants in your search for new cultural experiences around the corner. 

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