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Living with 100 Items

guynameddave.comMinimalist Fun: The 100 thing challenge invented by Dave Bruno is a way to fight "American-style consumerism" by reducing the number of personal possessions to 100. He eloquently and convincingly states that living without an abundance of personal possessions for an extended period of time is the first step we ought to take in order to realize that we don’t need ever-more stuff. Reducing property to 100 objects might sound a bit harsh for starters. Either way, it serves as a powerful inspiration to purge more stuff.

Reader Comments (2)

I moved countries a few years ago and only brought my pets and what I could carry in my 2 suitcases. I have a little more stuff now but I don't have the clutter that others my age surround themselves with.
Not buying 'stuff'' is economical but also frees you from the emotional attachment to things (you can't take it with you!).
Besides, during my life I have been a prolific traveler and the memories of the people and places I have visited are my most precious possessions.

Mar 27 | Unregistered CommenterClaire

Thanks for the comment, Claire. When I moved to NYC I was a proud 2 suitcase man because I had to change sublets so many times. I could move in a single cabride. Signing a lease and a first visit to the furniture store visit certainly terminated that. Once in a while we still sit down and throw away unused stuff, very liberating.

Apr 5 | Registered CommenterStefan

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