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Breaking out of Standard Configurations

"When you give people too much information, they instantly resort to pattern recognition to structure the experience." (Marshall McLuhan). We are overloaded with information and simplified, categorized choices are welcome to expedite decisionmaking. However, once we repeatedly practiced a given formula (and it's rewards) it's hard to leave. For example if we order a burger we are likely to ask for soda & fries because it's part of the learned and accepted configuration - even with unlimited choices we are unlikely to consider options outside the learned configuration. Once our mind accepted a pattern it will not leave easily and that's the challenge. 

Reader Comments (2)

I do not know if it is practiced in all countries, but in France more and more people just order their fast food meal with a glass of water (French law imposes that you can be given free tap water with any meal). Regular sodas contain sugar, and diet sodas contain aspartam, that some people prefer to avoid, sometimes because it makes you more hungry by pavlovian association, sometimes for more serious reasons.

Feb 12 | Unregistered CommenterPaganel

That's a great way to cut out the sodas, will add that to the list of practical steps section if you don't mind. Thanks for your input

Feb 12 | Registered CommenterStefan

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